literally all I think about anymore is boys


jeff…..what are you doing? this doesn’t make sense. this is all going to shit.
— the entire teen wolf fandom because of the outcome of season four (via qtstilinski)

this new tumblr update is stressing me out bye

just had a boy threaten me because i told him i didn’t want to go to homecoming with him..


is dennys blog even real

why are people getting so offended by things that urban outfitters is producing?? like you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want it but boycotting/telling people to boycott it is so unreasonable like seriously they are still a business and they still need to function so stop getting so upset about all of it this ugh



Aye I know like half the stydia blogs in the world are in this poll but blog rates cause I’m in a poll?

Yay so these are mega detailed so I’ll be doing them after I finsih my homework, but don’t you worry, they’ll get done.  Here’s how it works.

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